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“Photography is about relating to people and sharing memories, little pieces of time. And maybe (with) my little piece of time and someone else’s little piece of time, somewhere there’s a synergy.”
Lynn Rockwell


Lung Cancer Canada -
These apple blossom leaves are the logo of Lung Cancer Canada.
They represent lungs and symbolize health, hope and renewal for the future.

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Portraiture: You'll find a dozen or so samples of portraits I've done. My sitting fee is $40.00 and I can provide a wide range of print options to suit both your need and your budget. For your prints, I have available 17 different packages.
How does it work? You can expect to spend a couple of hours together, so I can get to know you a little, maybe over a coffee or something.
Ask yourself, "Do I have any hobbies, pets, am I a voracious reader, do I enjoy wine and cheese and cooking, do I have quiet pastime activities (knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, or sporting activities, golf, curling) that I enjoy?" .... These sorts of open questions and conversation topics can provide insight into how a portrait could possibly unfold you.

Galleries: Given my druthers, my preference is to make photos that tell a story of some sort or provide a tour. I much would rather take a group of shots than miscellaneous singles. To that end there are currently 3 'Tours' as-it-were that comprise my gallery.

Prints The link takes you to my photoblog archives page that has specifically "Available in Print" images. My prints are available either by ordering via e-mail, (make a note in the e-mail of the URL of the image(s) you want) or by appointment to view the actual prints in my portfolio books. Call 222-0776 for an appointment. The portfolio images are not framed and are un-matted, unless you want me to provide this service, which can be arranged.

Portfolio This portfolio section done in an I-frame format, contains sample images I've taken in the categories of: People, Architecture, Commercial, Personal favorites and some School assignments. Hover your mouse over the word photography after you click through.

Web Site Design What can I say, I am a creative and multitalented individual, who likes to have variety in my workday.

Business Blog What am I up to on a daily basis.

About Me Just some extraneous information about myself.

MEDIA This is an index of press releases and news stories, invitations .... cool stuff.



Parkland Medical Clinic currently has 6 of my prints for sale. Located at the corner of Kearney Lake Road and Parkland Ave. 2nd level. If you missed them the first time 'round, here's your second chance before Christmas. Photos make lovely gifts. Check out my BizBlog for shots.

VANS Corridor Gallery is a confirmed show date. May 28th/07 to June 23rd/07.

Other NEWS:
Festive Lights Tour was called, but instead I offer a "Tree Ornament Tour" It's a Flash presentation, so you'll need to have flash installed. The controls are in the bottom right corner.
I recently visited the Czech Republic. I photographed this European country. I was very surprised with advertisements on fences and on the web containing text: "Models for the photos for free. ..." I think that this kind of activity illegal. I photographed and copied these ads in order to send the Czech and U.S. lawyers.

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